C3Pay Champions: Saluting the UAE’s workforce -

C3Pay Champions: Saluting the UAE’s workforce

In a world of fintech and payroll, Edenred UAE does not only work with numbers, transactions, and processing salaries, but we also care about the well-being of the 2 million people who – through C3Pay – are paid on time, correctly, and legally. 

Why are we calling them ‘Champions’? 

The workers and labourers of the UAE who support their families back home, often in developing countries, are considered ‘invisible’ to the rest of the society. They come from diverse backgrounds and are brave people who have moved to an unfamiliar country with big ambitions and a fierce determination to build a better future for themselves and for their families. 

When you talk to them, you will realise that their stories are inspiring and reveal their resilience, humanity, and kindness – a few of the many qualities that make us celebrate them as the ‘C3PayChampions’. 

Here are a few reasons why they surely deserve this title: 

  • The unsung heroes of the UAE: Workers are the backbone of the United Arab Emirates. They come from various corners of the world to work in the UAE, often leaving their homes and families behind. These individuals play a pivotal role in the country’s growth and development, working tirelessly to contribute to its prosperity. 
  • Supporting families back home: Many of our ‘Champions’ are the sole breadwinners for their families back in their home countries. They send their hard-earned money home, to provide for their loved ones’ education, healthcare, and a better quality of life. Their dedication to their families is truly commendable. 
  • Scope to overcome challenges: Life as a migrant (blue-collar) worker in a foreign land comes with its fair share of challenges. These workers not only have to deal with language barriers and cultural differences, but often have to put up with gruelling work hours.  
  • Financial responsibilities: Managing finances across borders can be a daunting task. Our ‘Champions’ not only work hard but also exhibit financial responsibility by using our financial services to efficiently manage their earnings, and send money to their families. They understand the value of financial empowerment and security. 
  • Community-builders: Beyond their individual contributions, workers in the UAE are an essential part of the local community. They bring diversity, culture, and a strong work ethic to the country, making it a better place for everyone. 

The stories of our ‘Champions’ serve as inspiration to us all. Their commitment to their families and their dedication to creating a better future for themselves and their loved ones is surely a testament to the human spirit’s resilience. 

But why does Edenred celebrate them? 

Driven by a mission of empowering the unbanked population of the UAE, the team not only helps business owners to process their payroll, but also ensures that their employees get access to essential financial services such as tracking their money, international and local mobile recharges, and international remittances. The C3Pay services also include in-person custom trainings and 24/7 rock-solid customer support.  

Through all this, we aim to create a financially inclusive world, where every individual has access to essential services and feels financially confident to achieve their goals. 

Get to know them! 

At Edenred UAE, we’ve always been big on celebrating people. No exceptions for our C3PayChampions either: their dreams, hardships, ambitions or even hobbies. We go that extra mile to ensure that their stories are heard, are celebrated, and that their hard work and dedication does not go unnoticed. We believe that all sections of the workforce bring unique perspectives to the UAE community and make it more vibrant. 

So head over to our Instagram page to see snippets from their lives, about what inspires them to continue hustling, and their interesting backgrounds.  

You can also see video interviews with some of our C3Pay Champions on our Youtube channel – Karak Chai with C3Pay  

Make sure to show some love and motivation for our C3PayChampions. Celebrating them serves as a source of inspiration for others too. At the end of the day, the stories of these champions tell you that no dream is too big to be achieved. The stories serve as beacons of hope, motivating other workers to take charge of their financial destinies.


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