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wages protection system

The early days of financial inclusion

WPS in the UAE

In 2009, the UAE government created the Wage Protection System (WPS) to protect the rights of millions of employees in the UAE, unbanked workers in particular.

We were the first service provider authorized by the Ministry of Labour and the Central Bank of the UAE to process salaries through WPS.

wages protection system

Simplifying Payroll

A secure and efficient payroll solution

With WPS, electronic salary transfers became mandatory - it considerably reduced the time and effort needed to pay salaries for employers.

People got their salaries directly credited to a salary card that could be used at any shop or ATM in the world. This was a much safer and more convenient alternative to cash.

Our name may have changed but our purpose remains the same: helping companies to look after their hardworking people.

“We’ve been using Edenred for a few years. The team is fantastic and it’s just so convenient to use one single platform to pay employees with or without bank accounts.”
Green Shadow
“It was important for us to find a reliable solution. With Edenred, we can process payroll easily while remaining 100% compliant with WPS regulations.”
Senior Accountant
“The best thing about Edenred Payroll is how simple it is to use. I can run payroll, order cards, request statements quickly and verify actions that needs approval. I highly recommend Edenred Payroll to get payroll done easily.”
HR & Payroll Officer
wages protection system

More than a payroll card

Launching the C3Pay app

In 2016, we conducted a study to better understand the people using our card. It revealed that 78% of them had smartphones and 91% sent money to their home country every month.

A few months later, the C3Pay mobile app was born! We became the first payroll card provider to offer mobile services. People could check their balance, view previous transactions and even recharge their phones directly from the app.

Together with RAKBANK, we enabled simple to use, instant, and secure international money transfers to help people support their families living abroad.

wages protection system

Redefining financial freedom

Moving beyond access to usage

Today, nearly 2.2 million people in the UAE who do not have access to banks can use C3Pay to securely manage their money every day, but we don’t stop there.

To build trust and confidence in digital channels, we meet people across the country, right where they live, and show them how to use C3Pay.

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We believe everyone should have equal access to financial services regardless of how much they earn.