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Breaking down barriers

A financially inclusive world

Imagine a life without a bank account. You can’t pay by card or online, can’t store your money safely, can’t transfer funds and can’t see how much money you have or where you spent it.

Challenging? We think so too. We believe everyone should have equal access to essential financial services, regardless of how much they earn. That’s why we created C3Pay.

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We’re helping companies to take care of their hardworking people - to pay them on time, without effort and securely - while giving them an alternative to a bank account that will make them feel they don’t need one.

With C3Pay, people no longer need to guess where their money is, queue at an ATM, pay excessive fees, or rely solely on cash. They have the power to do everything they need with their hard-earned salary instantly, conveniently and cheaply.

wages protection system

Fostering change

Bridging the knowledge gap

We understand moving away from cash can be scary. A lack of knowledge and trust prevents people from using digital services. That’s why we not only give access, but accompany people through their learning journey with financial and digital trainings conducted in multiple languages.

Our mission is simple, we want to drive financial inclusion in the UAE, by offering the most relevant services and make them accessible to all.

There are three key principles that drive our mission

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Protection, without compromise.

We take our responsibilities seriously. We invest in the safest technology, features and processes to keep our customer’s money and data safe.

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Best products, nothing less.

We never stop looking for ways to improve, seeking the latest innovations to create meaningful experiences for the people we serve.

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Premium support, by default.

We strive to make an impact in people’s lives. We understand everyone has different needs, which is why we’re here to help, every step of the way.