Vibe with Debashis Raut -

Vibe with Debashis Raut

Passion for Customers, Respect, Imagination, Simplicity and Entrepreneurial Spirit – these are Edenred’s values and driving force for all its employees. Get a glimpse into the life of an Edenred employee, see what makes us vibe, and discover how we’re contributing to financial inclusion by empowering the unbanked sector in the UAE.

Get to know Debashis Rout, Senior Product Manager at Edenred UAE! 🔴

🎤 What do you do?
My focus is on the B2C side of the business, which involves the C3Pay card and app used by millions of employees in the UAE. Along with my team, I seek user and product insights to identify problems, prioritize and shape the product strategy that helps meet customer needs and business objectives.

🎤 What’s one of your biggest challenges at work?
One of the easiest predictors of a team’s success, especially in product, is its ability to identify problems, experiment and iterate quickly. One of my key challenges is to help my team expedite this “rate of learning” and address the fast-evolving market.

🎤 How is your team contributing to financial inclusion for the unbanked sector in the UAE?
Our team strives to identify and build essential financial products and services that the unbanked sector wouldn’t have access to, otherwise. Apart from improving financial literacy, our goal is to enable them to use all the available resources in the best possible manner to maintain financial stability for themselves and their families.

🎤 Which is your favorite spot at work?
Our Collab room; I like its free-form space where can adapt to whatever the situation demands – be it the free-flowing brainstorming sessions with the team scribbling all over the walls, intense debates on presentations or casual one-on-ones on beanbags.

What’s your mother tongue? How many languages do you speak?
I come from Odisha, a state in India with more than 45 million people. Our mother tongue is Odia. I can fluently converse in English, Hindi and Odia.


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