Vibe with Pavlina Deverova -

Vibe with Pavlina Deverova

Passion for Customers, Respect, Imagination, Simplicity and Entrepreneurial Spirit – these are Edenred’s values and a driving force for all its employees. Get a glimpse into the life of an Edenred employee, see what makes us vibe, and discover how we’re contributing to financial inclusion by empowering the unbanked sector in the UAE.

Discover the portrait of Pavlina Deverova, Talent & Engagement Partner at Edenred UAE 🔴

🎤 What do you do?

Here, at Edenred, culture is everything. My role is to create an energizing, fun and inclusive environment through engagement interventions and social events. The bottom line is, happy people stay and we build this happy environment by having the best policies, continuously improving our workplace and remaining conscious, with an impactful CSR agenda.

🎤 What’s one of your biggest challenges at work?

Working with great talent challenges me to be more creative and impactful in my approach to engagement, forcing our team to build innovative ways to retain talent and unleash their full potential.

🎤 What part of your work makes you smile?

The part of my work that makes me smile the most is when I’m collaborating with my team, especially during events we’ve been planning for weeks. Seeing everything come together and witnessing people genuinely enjoying themselves brings me immense joy. It’s incredibly fulfilling to know that our hard work has created a positive experience for others.

🎤 What are some of the employee engagement initiatives that you’re quite proud of at Edenred?

One of the employee engagement initiatives that I’m particularly proud of at our company revolves around our CSR efforts. Our team consistently volunteers for initiatives like meal distribution and sanitary box donations, where we come together to support our community and customers in need. It’s inspiring to see how everyone rallies together, even on the hottest days, to make a meaningful impact. These initiatives not only demonstrate our company’s commitment to social responsibility but also foster a strong sense of unity and purpose among our team members.

🎤 What’s your mother tongue? Which languages do you speak?

I am from Czechia, where Czech is my native language. I am fluent in English and also have a basic understanding of German. Additionally, being Czech, I can also understand Slovak.

🎤 What’s your favourite festival and why?

My favorite festival is Christmas, the biggest festival not only in Czechia. I enjoy the traditions like decorating the tree, preparing festive meals, and exchanging thoughtful gifts. The festive atmosphere and spirit of giving make Christmas a truly magical and heartwarming time of year for me.


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