Vibe with Rayan Najdi -

Vibe with Rayan Najdi

Passion for Customers, Respect, Imagination, Simplicity and Entrepreneurial Spirit – these are Edenred’s values and driving force for all its employees. Get a glimpse into the life of an Edenred employee, see what makes us vibe, and discover how we’re contributing to financial inclusion by empowering the unbanked sector in the UAE.

Get to know Rayan Najdi, Senior Product Manager at Edenred UAE! 🔴

🎤 What do you do?
I’m a Senior Product Manager, I joined 5 months ago after exiting my own startup. As a product geek, I spend my time sourcing impactful problems, and designing solutions for them. Outside work, I like to box, run, spend time with friends, and most importantly, solve problems (I guess product management is a lifestyle, not a job 😋)

🎤 What’s one of your biggest challenges at work?
Optimizing my rate of learning. It’s a special metric we use across the product team to measure our efficiency when solving product problems, and how fast can we move from one product stage to the other. It’s challenging because no two problems are the same, and the approach to solving them is always different.

🎤 What part of your work makes you smile?
Getting users’ feedback when launching new products or reviewing existing ones. Whether it’s good or bad, I’m always happy to see our users extensively talk about our products and telling us how to optimize it!

🎤 How is your team contributing to financial inclusion for the unbanked sector in the UAE?
The Product team at Edenred UAE works on enabling the unbanked with digital products and services through a customized app. We spend our time figuring out our users’ needs and building towards them, whether it’s an audio journey for the illiterate segment, or a whole new product offering. Currently, our users can access a range of innovative products including international remittances, emergency credit, and insurance services (previously inaccessible to them). We help the unbanked gain confidence when dealing with their money, contribute to their financial security, and assist them towards achieving their financial goals!

⚡ What’s your mother tongue? How many languages do you speak?
I’m Canadian Lebanese, so I speak English, French, and Arabic. Trying to dabble with Portuguese too, but no luck so far 🤷‍♂️


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