Vibe with Yasmina Guedira -

Vibe with Yasmina Guedira

Passion for Customers, Respect, Imagination, Simplicity and Entrepreneurial Spirit – these are Edenred’s values and a driving force for all its employees. Get a glimpse into the life of an Edenred employee, see what makes us vibe, and discover how we’re contributing to financial inclusion by empowering the unbanked sector in the UAE.

Get to know Yasmina Guedira, the Business & Finance Controlling Manager at Edenred UAE 🔴

🎤 What do you do?

As the Business Finance manager, I take care of the Controlling, Planning and Reporting at Edenred in UAE. My role is to ensure the quality of our financials, monitor the performance, and provide financial support to strategic decisions.

🎤 What’s one of your biggest challenges at work?

Finding the right balance between the company strategy and aspirations, our #Financialinclusion purpose and financial requirements.

🎤 What part of your work makes you smile?

My colleagues and their positive energy! 🙂

And of course, the fact that we all work to make 2m+ unbanked people in UAE securely paid and financially included. We offer remittance services, salary advance and many other solutions to our cardholders, to make their lives easier. In a nutshell, having an exciting purpose to be achieved with great people!

🎤 How is your team contributing to financial inclusion for the unbanked sector in the UAE?

My team is contributing to process salaries on time for all our cardholders while making sure that our company is financially efficient and compliant. Finally, we provide support to our business unit in terms of financial advice and best practices.

🎤 How do you believe diversity and inclusion efforts can be effectively implemented and sustained within the fintech industry?

In general, Diversity and Inclusion enhance business performance by increasing creativity, innovation, and profitability. This is even more true in the challenging, fast paced and innovative Fintech Industry. D&I efforts are sustainable when we create a supportive ecosystem which develops an equal representation for everyone and offers growth opportunities to all our Fintech talents.

🎤 Which languages do you speak?

I speak English, French and Arabic.


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