Vibe with Aakriti Bajaj -

Vibe with Aakriti Bajaj

Passion for Customers, Respect, Imagination, Simplicity and Entrepreneurial Spirit – these are Edenred’s values and a driving force for all its employees. Get a glimpse into the life of an Edenred employee, see what makes us vibe, and discover how we’re contributing to financial inclusion by empowering the unbanked sector in the UAE.

Get to know Aakriti Bajaj, one of our Product Managers at Edenred UAE 🔴

🎤 What do you do?

As a product manager at Edenred UAE, I oversee the International Money Transfer product, striving to grasp the challenges our users encounter and innovatively address them. My role entails understanding the Champion’s needs and frustrations. Through user research, I translate these insights into actionable strategies that elevate the user experience and ensure the product truly resonates with our audience.

🎤 What’s one of your biggest challenges at work?

My primary challenge at work is fostering comfort among all our users, especially those who are less familiar with technology, to use our digital app to securely transfer more than half of their hard-earned wages back home.

🎤 What part of your work makes you smile?

When we diligently work to resolve users’ issues and develop a new feature for their benefit, witnessing how the users on the field actively use it and derive genuine value from it – this is immensely gratifying.

🎤 How is your team contributing to financial inclusion for the unbanked sector in the UAE?

My team fosters financial inclusion for the unbanked sector by offering a vital financial service, such as international money transfer, that enables them to send money swiftly and securely through legitimate channels.

🎤 What’s your mother tongue? Which languages do you speak?

My mother tongue is Hindi. Besides English, I can also speak and read Punjabi, which is a local language for Punjab, in India.

🎤 What’s your one favourite thing about the UAE?

I admire the diverse expatriate community in the UAE, where meeting individuals and embarking on fresh journeys in this country feels effortless and is so enriching.


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